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Christians Invest In Gold and Silver

Like our Facebook Page, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, conducted a survey asking readers, "Should Christians invest in gold and silver?" The majority of respondents agree that Christians should invest but not to the point that it becomes excessive. One believer said, "An investment is an investment as long as it's not illegal or immoral." If a person is investing with the hope of becoming rich, their motives should be examined.

Out of 346 surveyed, 171 participants think that Christians should make investments in precious metals if they believe it is a wise choice. One participant commented, "God said that we possess the earth and all that is in it but we must not let these things rule our lives or crave these things." Many seem to agree that it is important for the person wanting to invest to take care of the needs of their family, and other obligations, including providing for God's work before investing in things like gold bullion, silver, or coin collecting.

Sixty-two respondents polled do not think Christians should invest in precious metals because they are storing up their treasures upon the earth. "We are to invest in spiritual wealth and not to lose time in investing in material wealth," said one participant. Christians should be investing in God's kingdom and not looking for things that could turn our hearts away from God. One respondent mentioned the story of the rich young ruler who found it hard to give up his riches and follow Jesus.

Responses from those who were unsure about this issue totaled 113. Some of these participants say it is a personal choice while others believe that purchasing gold bullion, silver, or coin collecting could lead to the love of money. It depends on the attitude of the one investing and what the money is used for. One participant says, "it shouldn't be a big deal, it is just business. The money exchange system changes daily and these things are uncertain. One day the gold bullion, silver, or coin collecting may be worth a great deal but the value could change quickly." Many surveyed agree that an investment in God's kingdom is secure, He never changes.

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