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Drinking Alcohol Acceptable For Christians, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, asked Christians in a recent poll, "Is it wrong for a Christian to consume alcohol?" Participants were given the choices of "Yes", "No" and "Unsure." Even though the responses were divided, everyone agreed that the Bible clearly teaches that consuming alcohol to the point of drunkenness is a sin. Bill Cooper, President of ChristiaNet, had this comment, "If a Christian has a drink, it should be the exception instead of the rule."

Out of 6,000 Christians polled, 49% believed that drinking small quantities of alcohol is okay provided the person does not become drunk. Many felt consuming these beverages for "relaxation" or a "social gathering" is acceptable. They cited Jesus' first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding and Jesus drinking wine at the Last Supper. Others said alcohol can be used for medicinal purposes quoting First Timothy 5:23 where Paul tells Timothy to "use a little wine" for his stomach and other infirmities.

Thirty-nine percent of the Christians agreed that the consumption of alcohol is wrong. The majority in this group focused on the effects of fermented drinks such as it alters the way people think and act. One person said, "It's a drug and impairs judgment." Others felt Christians should be living examples that glorify a Holy God. "Drinking destroys your Christian witness to others" and "Our bodies are the temple of God" are just a couple comments from concerned participants.

The remaining twelve percent chose "Unsure." This group's comments were similar to those of the other two groups. The majority of Christians in this group felt what's important is the motivation for drinking alcohol. Some expressed comments such as "It's better not to drink at all, so not to cause a brother to stumble and fall into sin." While many believed special occasions or for health issues is fine, they said that the Bible strictly prohibits drunkenness. From the comments submitted, it seems some things have specific purposes, but when misused are unpleasing to God.

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