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Romance Novels Considered Pornography, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is reading romance novels a sin?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "Anything that could lead Christians into a compromised lifestyle should be avoided at all costs."

Out of 1,000 Christians surveyed, 51% believed that reading romance novels was not a sin. Most in this group felt, as long as the book had Christian values and no explicit imagery, then reading it was not sinful. As one person commented, "If you can read it to your Grandmother, then it's ok." Others used reading as a way to "escape the pressures of the day" or just relax. Many pollers thought that reading this type of literature is not sinful provided that it does not cause the reader to "act out the story and lust." Some admitted that reading romance novels may deteriorate their spiritual state; however, their ability to "deal with temptations" made it acceptable to participate in this type of entertainment.

Twenty-five percent of the participants said "Yes, it's a sin." The majority of these Christians described romance novels as "full of sexual sin", "highly addictive" and "a form of pornography." This group believed these books may not cause readers to physically sin, but definitely opens the mind to sinful thoughts. As one concerned Christian stated, "Anything that causes one to fantasize has caused them to sin." Many felt that Christians always need to protect themselves from temptations regardless if the temptation is physical, emotional or spiritual.

The remaining twenty-four percent chose "Unsure." Some in this group could not answer "Yes" or "No" because they had never read a romance novel. Others believed sinfulness depends upon the content. One person said, "If the content brings lustful thought to your mind, put it down or you are sinning." Many expressed concerns about these books causing damage to existing relationships by creating an "unrealistic view of life and love." As a wise Believer stated, "Everything must be viewed from God's perspective. If what you do leads to something other than glorifying God, it has the potential of becoming a sin."

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