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Abstinence Remains Best Form Of Birth Control, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is birth control acceptable for Christians?" Bill Cooper, President of ChristiaNet responded, "Family planning shows responsible Christian behavior." Most Christians agreed that abstinence is the most effective way to prevent unwanted children.

Of 1,200 people polled, 61% responded that they believed it was acceptable to use birth control as a means for family planning. One respondent answered, "It is a responsibility that all people should be aware of." Others that answered the poll made it clear that their support was dependent upon the method. "As long as it doesn't abort the baby," was ones response. Another poller said, "Birth control prevents babies from being born, it doesn't kill them." A majority of respondents were in agreement with the use of birth control if the family's income was not adequate to support additional children.

Twenty-one percent of those that were polled did not believe that birth control was acceptable. The most popular reason was quoted in Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful and multiply the earth." Many other "no" responders felt that God was in control of a believer's life and "God decides when you have children, not you." Still, others found the meaning of birth control and abortion to be synonymous by making comments such as, "God forbids killing and murder."

Eighteen percent of those surveyed were unsure about whether or not birth control was an acceptable Christian behavior. Those that were unsure stated having conflicting information given to them through the Bible and through their personal experiences. An unsure poller wrote, "The Word of God says to multiply and be fruitful, but what if you can't afford to have 20 kids?" Others argued that it was better than an abortion by stating, "It's better to prevent conception than to kill a fetus in the womb." Still, others felt that God was in control, but expected Christians to use their God given logic when it comes to family planning, "Sometimes there are circumstances, emotional and financial that would require the use of birth control."

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