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Spankings An Acceptable Form Of Discipline, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should kids be spanked?" ChristiaNet President, Bill Cooper, stated, "Controlled spanking as a form of discipline can be found in the Bible." Most Christians who took the survey believed that spanking a child was acceptable.

Out of 1,200 respondents, 85% thought that spanking a child as a form of discipline was well within their rights as parents. The most common responses contained the Bible quote, "He that spareth his rod, hateth his son." Others stated their opinions based on their own experiences being spanked as children and felt that, "All actions should have consequences, a swat on the butt is okay." Many, however, added that it was only okay as long as the spanking was in moderation. "As long as it is done without anger and the punishment is within reason," was a popular comment.

Ten percent surveyed were in disagreement with a Christian spanking a child. The most common comments equated a spanking to violence and that a violent action from a parent would encourage a child to become violent as well. This mindset is revealed in one pollers statement, "Corporal punishment is unproductive and sows negative feelings in the child." Many felt that spanking was not a form of discipline, but a type of physical harm, "Christ said anyone who harms a child, throw him in the river!" The remaining people that disagreed with spanking thought that there were other methods that should be used to discipline a child. One person commented on this subject by saying, "A time-out or other type of correction would make more sense."

Five percent of those surveyed were "unsure". Many were spanked as children and had mixed feelings like, "I was spanked as a child, sometimes I deserved it and sometimes I didn't." Some responded with a comment like, "Spanking should be used as a last resort." Others said, "It depends on what they did wrong." This group felt that spanking should not be the first choice in discipline for a child, but should be incorporated in a punishment if necessary. They also expressed confusion on the definition of spanking and where the line is drawn.

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