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Christians Misunderstand Meaning Of Evolution, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Do you know the difference between micro and macro evolution?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "In order for Christian's to combat the theory of evolution taught in our schools, they must understand the different meanings." Being able to recognize the difference will allow Christians to have a more intelligent conversation with those that support the theory.

Out of 500 Christians surveyed, 56% did not know that there was a difference between micro and macro evolution; much less what the differences are. This was stated in comments like, "I have no earthy idea what you are talking about." Others did not even believe that there was a difference because they do not believe in evolution at all, "It doesn't matter because I don't believe in evolution." A small number of pollers said they had thought about studying it, but never did, "I have heard of this, but I never looked it up."

Twenty-seven percent of pollers who took the survey claimed to know the difference. "Micro evolution is variations within the kind while macro evolution is changes from one kind to another," was one's knowledgeable response. Others said they knew the definition, "I know the difference because a friend brought it up once." A few Believers who knew the difference but had opinions on the definitions made comments such as, "Micro evolution is another name for natural selection and is not evolution at all." This group did not believe that the term "micro evolution" was appropriate for the meaning of the theory.

Seventeen percent were unsure about whether or not they knew the difference. Responses like, "I know that micro means small and macro means large," show that they were aware of the root definition. Other comments included, "I don't care anyway," and "They both feed unbelief." These respondents undoubtedly felt that no matter what type of evolution, both were unfounded theories. The remaining pollers in this group had heard the words before, but never bothered to look them up because they did not believe in any evolution.

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