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Christians Believe It Is Sinful To Gamble, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is it a sin for Christians to play the lottery?" ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper commented, "Any action that causes Christians to be poor financial stewards should be avoided."

Out of 1,800 Christians surveyed, 43% believed that playing the lottery was a sin. Many responded with statements like, "Playing the lottery is gambling and gambling is a sin." Others said, "It is a game of chance and the Bible tells us we are to be good stewards with the money He has given us." The most common response to the question centered on the central belief that Christians are to rely on God for their material needs. One survey taker wrote, "Gambling away God's money shows a lack of faith in His Holy Word and His promises."

Thirty-one percent of those that took the survey were unsure. This group responded with, "I can't find in the Bible where gambling is a sin," and "I don't think God cares as long as it's in moderation." Many felt that God was in control of whether the gambler lost or won, "The Lord is in control, so it doesn't matter." Some believed that if the winnings were given to a charitable organization or a needy individual, sin wasn't an issue. Comments like, "As long as you use the money for good, it doesn't matter" confirm this opinion.

Twenty-six percent felt that it was not a sin. The most popular reason for this answer was that Christians should not live in bondage and are free to spend their money how they see fit. Their perception was that the lottery system was developed to help the state in some way. For example: some states use the proceeds for education, senior affairs and for public transportation. "It's all going for a good cause," and "Christ released my shackles when he died on the cross" were some statements made by survey takers in support. The remaining pollers did not feel that playing the lottery was gambling, "Gambling is when no one benefits but the casino owners."

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