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Christians Continue To Steal

ChristiaNet, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Have you stolen anything since becoming a Christian?" ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper, remarks, "Stealing is a sin, but as Christians we are to repent and sin no more." Almost half of those surveyed admitted to stealing something after they had become Children of God.

Out of 500 Christians surveyed, 48% of survey takers admitted to stealing. Some felt that they, "needed it." Others in this group stole but were not sure why they did, "I don't know why, I guess I was just greedy." The most common reason given for theft, however, was succumbing to temptation. "There was just too much temptation, I saw the wallet lying there with no one around, and I took it," was one Christian's response. Most pollers in this category felt very remorseful for what they had done, and did repent of their sin.

Forty-one percent responded with an absolute, "No." They cited the Bible verse, "Thou shall not steal," as their reason. Some admitted to thinking about it, but chose against it, "Of course I have though about it, but I decided to follow God's laws instead." The remaining survey takers in this group said that they may have stolen something unintentionally, but never on purpose, "I may have taken a pen or something from work, but I never stole anything intentionally."

The remaining eleven percent chose "unsure." Some in this group could not answer yes or no because they were not sure if taking supplies from work was technically considered stealing, "Everyone at my office uses supplies and sometimes we take them home, but I don't think this is stealing." Others stated that they have borrowed items, but haven't returned them," I borrowed a book from a friend a year ago and I haven't given it back yet." A few pollers in this group chose the "unsure" response because they were unclear on what exactly constitutes stealing. As one survey taker commented, "There is definitely a grey area when it comes to stealing, I may or may not have crossed it. It depends on an individual's perspective."

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