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Drinking Hard Alcohol Is Wrong, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is it wrong for a Christian to consume hard alcohol?" ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper stated, "There is no good reason for a devoted Christian to consume hard alcohol."

Out of 2,800 Christians surveyed, an overwhelming majority, 61% believed that consuming hard alcohol was wrong. Reasons cited included, "Alcohol impairs judgment and damages the body", and "It keeps Christians from surrendering themselves to Christ and Christ alone." Most in this group not only felt that drinking alcohol, especially hard alcohol, was unhealthy, but also addictive. "The last thing a Christian needs is to be addicted to another worldly idol" was one pollers comment. Those that felt drinking was wrong also quoted various Bible verses in which Jesus tells others not to be drunkards.

Twenty-nine percent did not believe that drinking hard alcohol was wrong in itself, they just felt that an over abundance was bad, "Just like everything else in life that is good, too much of one thing can be bad." Some felt that alcohol that was consumed in moderation and not on a consistent basis was fine, "It is not a sin to drink alcohol, and even Jesus drank wine, which is a pretty hard form of alcohol." Others felt that technically it was not forbidden, "Christ freed us to make our own decisions and live with our own repercussions, besides, one glass of alcohol a day is very healthy."

Only nine percent were unsure. This group definitely felt that getting drunk was wrong, but the alcohol itself was not the problem, "The problem is when people drink too much, it makes you wonder what they are trying to hide from." They also were unaware of the Bible verses that support or condemn the use of alcohol, "I am not sure what the Bible says on this matter." Still others brought back the fact that Jesus was seen drinking wine, therefore they were unsure how bad it really could be, and whether or not wine and hard liquor were in the same category, "Jesus drank wine, but is that considered hard liquor? I just don't know."

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