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Even Christians Still Lie, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Have you told a lie in the past month?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "By not lying, Christians set themselves apart from the world."

Out of 700 Christians surveyed, 51% admitted to telling a lie within the last month. When asked why, the most common response was that they did not want to hurt another person's feelings, "If I told the truth, it would have devastated my friend. Some things are just left better off unsaid." Others only admitted to telling small white fibs and felt that these did not constitute lies, "I have only lied about meaningless and insignificant things, I don't think that God cares about those." While some admitted that what they did was wrong, "Yes I have lied and I know it is a sin, but that is why Christ died on the cross for me."

Thirty-five percent denied having told a lie in the past month. Their reasons are simply that, "God hates it when we lie," and "Because it is a sin, the Bible says so." Others in this category felt that since they trusted God completely with the outcomes to their circumstances, then there was no reason to ever lie. As one survey taker stated, "I trust in God. I don't even have to tell a little white lie, because I know He will protect me and others from anything."

The remaining fourteen percent were unsure about whether or not they told a lie. "The Bible doesn't specifically say the word lie, it talks about bearing false witness, so I am not even sure if innocent lying is a sin." Some people in this group could not remember if they consciously told a lie, "I don't think I have on purpose, maybe by accident." Most however, could not remember if they had or hadn't in the past month, "I know I have before, but I can't remember if I have in the past month. I don't keep track."

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