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Church and State Should Remain Separate, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should there be a separation of church and state?" ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper, stated, "Separation of church and state was meant to protect the church not the other way around."

Out of 1,100 Christians surveyed, 47% believed that there should be a separation. Comments such as, "The state is not the Kingdom of God and the church shouldn't be governed by a popular vote" were made. Most in this group felt that in previous times, the combination only proved disastrous, "History has shown that tyranny occurs when a church and state are combined. There is just too much power to handle." Others stated that, "The church belongs to God and the state belongs to man" therefore, keeping them separate is the correct way to govern a society.

A close forty-three percent did not feel that there should be a separation, "Did everyone forget that the reason our country was founded was to allow Christians to practice their religion?" Some quoted stories in the Bible, "In the Bible, when the people wanted a government and a leader and begged God for one, He chose a prophet or a Godly man. Doesn't this say something about who God wants to lead?" Still, others felt that, "The government needs a foundational ethical system to make good decisions and laws. This can only be done if the two are combined to form one Godly entity."

Ten percent of those surveyed were unsure how to answer the question. Some misunderstood the question, "Don't we already have a separation?" Others in this category stated, "I think that there should be a separation, but that Godly people should be voted into office to influence the decisions that are being made. If the people vote in someone evil, then evil decisions will be made. It is really up to who the people vote in office." The remaining pollers in this category were in agreement with the separation, as long as, "Christians are allowed to practice their religions as well because all of the other religions get to do whatever they want, but Christians are always chastised for their beliefs."

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