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Christians Watch Prime Time TV, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should Christians watch prime time TV?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "Christians should not do anything that will compromise their Godly virtues." Most Christians felt that as long as they monitored what programming was playing in their households, prime time or not, they were free to enjoy television.

Out of 1,200 Christians surveyed, 56% felt that watching prime time TV was just fine. Many of the pollers in this category's decisions were based on what program they selected to watch, "Christians must be selective with their programming, but Christ freed us to do whatever we wanted. We just have to make informed choices." Others commented, "As long as the shows are clean (no sexual content or violence)." People in support of the freedom to watch prime time television felt that not all TV was evil, "We can all learn something from these shows that may help us deal better with situations in real life. If we shield ourselves from television, we may not be able to get along in the real world."

Twenty-three percent were unsure about whether or not Christians should be prime time television viewers. Some were confused, "What do you consider prime time?" Others said that it was dependent upon the program selected, "It really depends on the shows that one watches." Some even stated that they didn't own a television, "I don't know because I don't watch any TV. It doesn't matter if your watching day or night, there is nothing but smut on. Have you seen any daytime soap operas lately?"

Twenty-one percent responded with a "no." The pollers in this group felt that prime time television was filled with, "garbage and filth." They also felt that, "Television influences the way you live. TV producers are just trying to get their agendas out to the public during a time when many people are watching TV." The remaining pollers in this category stated that, "Prime time television is when most of the shows that have violence are on. They also focus too much on sex and sexual innuendos."

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