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Halloween Isn't For Christians, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should Christians participate in Halloween?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "It is the responsibility of the parents to explain the origins of traditions to their children."

Out of 2,000 Christians surveyed, an overwhelming 66% believed that all Christians should avoid the celebration of Halloween all together. One poller said, "Halloween is evil. It glorifies the Devil!" Others made references to the original roots of the holiday, "Halloween was a Pagan festival and still is. If we participate in it, what are we teaching our children?" Some felt that all Holidays were Holy days and should always focus on celebrating holiness, "Celebrations should always be about honoring Christ and those that behave in a Christ like fashion. I don't see where Halloween falls into that because there is nothing Christian about Devil's Day"

Twenty-two percent of those surveyed did not feel that there was anything wrong with celebrating Halloween, "It's okay, as long as you explain to your kids where the holiday originally came from." Others felt that even though Halloween was a Pagan holiday, that fact is not known anymore, "In our society today, all holidays are commercial. They are only still around to buy costumes and candy. It is really just like a costume party for kids." Still others that participate in Halloween on a regular basis did so with the understanding that it is the parent's responsibility to inform the children of the root of any tradition, "The parents must explain things to the kids, and then let the kids decide if they still want to participate."

Twelve percent of pollers were unsure about whether or not Christians should participate in Halloween, "I really don't know what the real meaning is, so I just don't know." One poller stated, "As long as you are not walking around worshipping the Devil, it's fine." Another survey taker responded, "The kids really like this holiday. If you take it away from them, especially if they go to a public school, everyone will make fun of them."

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