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Mother Teresa Was A Saint, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Was Mother Teresa a Christian Saint?" Bill Cooper, president of ChristiaNet, states, "All true Christians are Saints."

Out of 4,300 Christians surveyed, 55% believed that Mother Teresa was indeed a Saint, "If she was a Christian, then she was a Saint." Some surveyed in this group felt that, "She sacrificed her life for helping the poor. She used her life to love and serve God, so of course she was a Saint." One poller responded, "Everyone could tell she was a Christian by her fruits. She brought peace, love, and joy to everyone that was around her, all across the world."

Twenty-four percent of those surveyed were unsure about whether or not she was a Saint, "I'm not sure. I mean who really knows unless we die, go to heaven, and see her there." Others in this category felt that, "Only Christ can judge whether or not a person is really a Christian in their heart, or if they are only acting that way on the outside for their own glorification." One poller responded, "I think that she was Catholic, and those that are Catholic must be canonized first to be considered a Saint. I don't think that the Catholic Church has officially canonized her."

Twenty-one percent of pollers did not believe Mother Teresa to be a Saint. Their reasons included, "She was not born again. She was Catholic and Catholics put Mary in the same position as Jesus. They think that she can be an intercessor between God and man." Some felt that no human could possibly be a Saint, "There are no Saints. People can not be perfect, therefore only Jesus was a Saint." Still, others said that she wasn't a Saint because she did not trust in Christ alone for her salvation, "She was Catholic and the Catholic traditions and good deeds along with Christ is what she thinks get her into Heaven, instead of just Christ alone."

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