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Space Aliens Are Not Believed to Exist, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Do space aliens exist?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "The Bible tells of God's creation of Heaven, earth, man, and animals not space aliens."

Out of 1,300 Christians surveyed, 45% did not believe that space aliens exist. Most in this group stated that they could not find any support of extraterrestrial life in the Scriptures. As one person commented, "The Bible says that God created earth, man and animals. There was no mention of life on other planets that God created." Others did not believe the stories of those claiming to have had contact with alien life forms, "There has been no proof, only the ramblings of crazy people. Even if those people saw something from what they say was another world, it was probably just a demon." Many just referred back to the Scriptures, and did not feel that there were any noteworthy verses," The Bible doesn't talk about people anywhere else except on earth. If God made life on other planets, we would have known about them by now."

Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed did believe that space aliens existed. They wrote comments like, "Angels are aliens. Angels are not of this world and if you believe in angels, then you believe in aliens," and " The Universe is huge. Who are we to assume that God only created life on our planet? Why did he create so many other planets in so many other galaxies then?" Still, others in this group believed in aliens because they claimed to have encounters with them, "Yes I do believe because my family and I have met some. They do not want to hurt us, they just want to understand us and help us."

A close twenty-six percent were unsure about whether or not they believed in space aliens. Some were unsure because, "It depends on what you mean by aliens; other life or little green guys." Another unsure poller said, "I have never seen any so I don't know." Still, another in this category stated, "I haven't studied the Bible enough to know whether or not God made life elsewhere."

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