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Christians Do Experience Spiritual Warfare, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Have you ever experienced spiritual warfare?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "The Bible states that all Christians, at some point in time, will experience spiritual warfare."

Out of 1,200 Christians surveyed, an overwhelming 84% believed that they had indeed experienced some type of spiritual warfare in their lives. Most in this group felt that experiencing spiritual warfare was actually a confirming sign that they were true believers in Christ, "Even Jesus was tempted by Satan in the Bible. If we are for God, then we are against the Devil and that creates a spiritual war." Others chose to define their individual experiences, "Fighting the addiction of drugs and alcohol is considered spiritual warfare. This is how the Devil tempts us not to trust God." Another poll taker responded, "All Christians experience the war between good and evil. We will always experience it as long as we live on earth and have a human body."

Ten percent of those that took the survey were unsure about whether or not they had actually experienced it, " I have battled that spiritual warfare?" Others in this category thought they had experienced it within their dreams, "I have had dreams where I was wrestling with God, just like in the Bible." Some in this category were unsure because they did not understand what the question implied, "What is the definition of spiritual warfare anyway?"

Only six percent of pollers claimed that they had not had any experiences with spiritual warfare, "I haven't because I do not have the Holy Spirit in me yet, Satan doesn't tempt me because I am already on his side." Another survey responder said, "I have never participated in religion enough to experience it." Some in this group thought that spiritual warfare was characterized by a certain type of event, "No, because I have never experienced anything supernatural." It would seem that some in this category did not really understand the definition of spiritual warfare, much like those in the "unsure" group.

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