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Christmas Has Become A Pagan Holiday, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Has Christmas turned into a Pagan Holiday?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "The commercialization of the Christmas season is evident by the fact that society now refers to it as the 'Holiday Season' for fear of offending non-Christians."

Out of 1,600 Christians surveyed, 62% believe that the once sacred Christian Holiday has turned into a Pagan one, "Because presents and Santa are the focal point and not Christ anymore." Some in agreement said that it may always have been a Pagan holiday, "When you look at the history of the Christmas tree, you will know the answer." Still, others in this group did not feel that it was even appropriate to celebrate Christ's birthday at this time of year, "Jesus wasn't even born in winter, so obviously it is not about the momentous occasion of his birth."

Twenty-six percent of those surveyed did not feel that Christmas had become a Pagan holiday. Reasons cited included, "Only if Christians allow it. A Christian home can celebrate the true reason for the season." One poll taker stated, " Originally it is supposed to be Christian, hence the name 'Christ'mas. It is celebrated to honor and remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just because we live in America and everyone has the right to celebrate it their own way does not mean that the original roots have disseminated." Still, others in the group said, "Knowing the difference and teaching our children about a fictitious Santa Claus and thanking God for the gift of Christ can both be done in the home."

Twelve percent of people who took the poll were unsure about whether or not Christmas was turning into a Pagan holiday. Some felt that, "It didn't start that way. Recently society has taken the 'Christ' out of Christmas though." Others stated, "I am not sure because Christians do celebrate Jesus birth even though I don't think he was actually born on December 25th." Most in this category voted in the unsure category because, "I am not sure what the Pagan holidays are."

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