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The Classroom Isn't The Place For Evolution, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should evolution be taught in the classroom?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, responded, "Evolution is a theory and one that conflicts with common sense."

Out of 1,400 Christians surveyed, a majority, 60%, did not feel that evolution held a place in the classroom. The most common response was that is was a theory and not a fact, as one survey taker said, "It is a scientific theory and should not be taught in the classroom as though it were a fact." Others in this group felt that it should not be singled out as the most logical theory in the scientific community, "Only if it is presented with alternative theories, such as Intelligent Design." One poll taker responded, "If evolution is taught, then the Bible should be taught as well - one freedom of speech should give way to another."

Thirty-two percent of those surveyed thought the theory of evolution was a viable classroom teaching. The comments from this group included, "As a theory, but not as a fact because it has not been proven so." One survey taker said, "I believe in God and in evolution. God put evolution in His plan so the world and life can evolve and survive the many changes and cycles that occur." Still others in this group stated, "Christians are taught to think and discern for themselves; therefore, students should be presented with all the theories."

Only eight percent of poll takers were unsure. Most said, "It depends on which way it is taught; as a theory or a fact." Another poller in this category responded, "We have the freedom in this country to teach whatever the citizens vote for. We should let the people in this country decide and the majority will rule." Some, however, were not familiar with the teaching itself, "I'm not sure if the evolution theory leaves out God or not. If it leaves out God, then I say no, if it includes God in the original design, then I say yes."

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