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Making A New Year's Resolution Is Christianlike, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should Christians make New Year's resolutions?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "Christ requires all Christians to take a true discerning look at their lifestyle and behaviors and desires a Godly improvement."

Out of 700 Christians surveyed, 65% believed that is was acceptable for a Christian to make a New Year's resolution, "As long as they ask God for the strength to keep it and don't rely on their own human ability." Some in this group felt that the person making the resolutions should, "Pray to God about the resolution to be sure that it is in His will. The last thing you want to do is change something about yourself that God intended to be there." Still, others felt that, "Resolutions are promises to resolve some negative aspect in your life. Christians should definitely make resolutions, and more often than once a year."

Eighteen percent of the participants said, "No, Christians should trust Christ alone to change them, not their own desires." Others said, "Every day a Christian should make a resolution to exhibit Godly behavior, not just on New Years. Letting the culture dictate when you change is ridiculous." One respondent in disagreement with resolutions stated, "Christ should speak to you about a particular issue in your life that needs to be resolved and you should not decide yourself what these issues are only one day a year. If you have a relationship with Christ, you will hear from Him."

A close seventeen percent said that they were unsure about whether or not Christians should make New Year's resolutions, "A resolution is a promise to change something in your life and God always wants you to change for the better, so I guess its okay." Another unsure survey taker said, "As long as the person discerns God's will and not their own. It is important to run your ideas by God before acting on them." Many in this group however, were unsure about God's views, "I don't know what God thinks, but I think it is okay."

To help educate Christians on the topic of New Year's resolutions, ChristiaNet has just released a free New Beginnings Quiz. Using the latest interactive technology, one can test their Biblical knowledge on issues facing the Christian community.

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