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Believers Unsure About St. Patricks Day, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should Christians celebrate St. Patrick's Day?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "Appreciation for those who spread God's Word to the nations of the world should be done in a Biblical way."

Out of 1,300 Christians surveyed, 45% said that they felt it was okay to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. One reason included, "St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, so of course we should take one day a year to appreciate him." Another in agreement stated, "Of course we should celebrate his works, as long as we don't begin to worship him. Worship should only be given to Christ and God." Some who answered this survey questioned the validity of the Holiday, however; one poller in agreement with the celebration said, "Just because it is a Catholic Holiday, doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate. Catholics are Christians too you know."

Twenty-eight percent of those who took the poll were against celebrating the Holiday. One poll taker commented, "It doesn't say to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Bible. I only celebrate Biblical Holidays." Another in disagreement with the celebration added, "Only the Catholic denomination celebrates the Saints. They even pray to them, this is called idolatry." Some in this category did not celebrate because, "All people do on St. Patrick's Day is wear green and get drunk - of course we shouldn't celebrate it."

A close twenty-seven percent were unsure on the matter. One reason given was, "I am not sure if we should or not because I am not very familiar with what Scripture says about celebrations of other people." Another unsure survey taker responded, "It really depends on the way that you celebrate. If you do it the modern way, then no; but, if you sit down and reflect on the works of the Saint and all he did in Ireland, then it's okay." Even pollers that had opinions still were unsure, "It depends on the history of the Holiday. It's not in the Bible so I would say it's a conviction decision."

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