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Christians Are Split About Global Warming, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Are you concerned about global warming?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, responds, "Christians are torn between the fact that global warming is a cyclical event and the fact that we may be contributing."

Out of 1,100 Christians surveyed, 50% of them were not concerned about global warming. Some of their reasons included, "There have always been waves of variations in the world's temperatures. We can do all we can to prevent ourselves from contributing to temperature changes, but ultimately, God is in control." and " As a Science major, I can prove that everything is blown wildly out of proportion." Some even went further to explain their views, "According to scientists who actually know about weather, we are not in a warming trend. But, even if we were, it would not bring great catastrophe. The earth goes through these warming and cooling trends cyclically and it is due to the tilt of the earth and other factors beyond our control. In fact, I have a picture taken in the 1900s of Niagara Falls frozen solid."

A close forty-two percent of survey takers were concerned about the state of the world pertaining to global warming "It has a lot of effects like rise in sea level, irregular seasons, increase in global temperatures and increase in the prevalence of pests and diseases." One Christian mentioned, "It results in environmental degradation, it pollutes the environment hence reducing on people's life span." Many however, who were concerned, stated reasons similar to, "Signs and symptoms of global warming are seen everywhere in the world."

Only eight percent of poll takers were unsure about whether or not they were concerned. Some of their thoughts included, "I believe it is happening. I am just not sure how much of it is a natural course of nature or how much we can control" and "As Christians, we have a responsibility to God to maintain our environment in a condition that pleases Him." One unsure taker even responded, "I don't even know what global warming exactly means."

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