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Witnessing In Bars Is Good Evangelism, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Should Christians witness in bars?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, responds, "As Christians we are called to evangelize all people."

Out of 1,500 Christians surveyed, a 57% majority agreed that Christians should witness in bars. Reasons cited included, "As sons of God we are to witness to sinners and the lost, bars are very good place to find these type of individuals" and, "Because Christ ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. We are not here to witness to Christians only. We are made to bring His word to everyone, everywhere. It might be a problem for an alcoholic Christian to witness in a, choose a friend to go in your stead." Some in agreement expressed their approval by stating, "Christians should witness at all times and in all places. It doesn't matter if it is a bar or not."

Twenty-eight percent of poll takers disagreed with Christians witnessing in bars. Their reasoning comments were, "I don't believe Christians should go to bars for any reason. There is too much temptation there. Also, I think it could hurt ones testimony to be seen in such a place" and, "No, because the message is lost among the words, the noise and the drunken behavior." One poll taker in disagreement even stated, "No, first to stay away from temptations; second, I can witness to a person that goes to bar when he/she comes out from the bar."

Only fifteen percent of those who took our survey were unsure about whether or not Christians should witness in a bar. Their confusion came in because, "I guess it depends on the Christian if they are called to do that" and, "I don't put any restrictions on where to witness if the Holy Spirit is leading and maybe the person overcame it and could help someone else out." Most however agreed that, "a weak and inexperienced Christian should probably not. They may succumb to the urge to drink with the person they are witnessing to, especially if they have a drinking problem themselves."

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