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Alcohol Hurts A Christians Witness, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Does drinking alcohol hurt a Christian's witness?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, responds, "Christians should attempt to avoid drinking alcohol, especially when in the presence of non-believers."

Out of 2,300 Christians surveyed, a whopping 66% felt that drinking alcohol would hurt a Christian's witnessing ability for Christ. One Christian stated, "One is not in control of one's faculties when under the influence of alcohol and is liable to do or say something that might bring shame to the name of our Lord. This would crucify Him afresh." Another in agreement felt, "Be not drunk with wine. If anything can allow the unbeliever to perceive an undesirable lifestyle and give the appearance of evil." Still, some in this category had the opinion of, "1 or 2 maybe ok, but more then that I don't think so."

Twenty-one percent of those surveyed did not feel that drinking would hurt a Christian's witnessing abilities. Some comments from people of this opinion included, "Jesus drank wine and encouraged the "best wine" to be served at a wedding. To become intoxicated to the point of losing self then this is wrong" and, "If you select to have a moderate drink with other Christian strong believers like yourself, there is not much harm or offense to God Almighty; because whilst you're in company of other God's people your conversation and time spent would just be talking and sharing God's word amongst yourselves." Another survey taker stated, "In itself, drinking alcohol would not hurt a Christian's witness, but whatever will make people look down on your Christian faith, should be avoided."

Thirteen percent of survey takers weren't sure. Their uneasiness stemmed from reasons like, "My grandmother drank a small glass of wine each night to help her relax, and the doctor said it would work as well or better than sleeping pills. I certainly don't think it made her any less of a Christian" and, " I believe that alcohol drinking should be a personal conviction for each Christian". One poller even stated, "Depends on your relationship with the people who know you are drinking, and your example that they know."

To help educate Christians, ChristiaNet has just released a free Addiction Quiz. Using the latest interactive technology, one can test their Biblical knowledge on issues facing the Christian Community.

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