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Most Christians Think Smoking Is A Sin, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is smoking cigarettes a sin?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "While the Bible offers no specific commandment against smoking, the majority of Christians feel that smoking is a bad habit which defiles the body, both naturally and spiritually. Over half of those surveyed feel strongly that, for born-again believers, using tobacco is a sin.

Out of 2,400 Christians that responded to the survey, 59% stated that smoking is sinful, especially for followers of Jesus Christ. Most responded by quoting I Corinthians 6:19: which states, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost and should not be defiled. Many remarked, Anything that would harm that temple is wrong. Others gave personal testimonies of deliverance. "I smoked for 43 years when I admitted that I loved cigarettes more than God, but wanted to put Him first; God delivered me and I've been smoke free for 10 years."

Twenty-four percent of respondents felt that tobacco use is no more sinful than other bad habits. "Smoking is no more sinful than eating in excess, drinking in excess, and judging others in excess, instead look at your own sins." Others view smoking as merely a dirty habit. "I wouldn't call it sin, but an awfully dirty and expensive habit; not a very good testimony either."

Twelve percent of Christians polled agreed that smoking was harmful to ones health, but unsure as to whether it is sinful. "The Bible says our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit to dwell in; so I am very sure that the spirit of the Lord will not dwell in cigarette smoke. On the other hand I don't believe you will go to Hell for it." Some unsure respondents struggle with kicking the habit and keeping their faith: "This is a hard one. I am a smoker and I know my heart is right and I love Christ more than anything." Many who were unsure felt that categorizing smoking as a sin should be left up to God. "It's not our job to judge whether someone is in sin or not. That's God's job."

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