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Cosmetic Surgery Considered Questionable, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is cosmetic surgery Biblical?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "Most believers advocate reconstructive surgery to correct birth defects and deformities, but are against having surgeries for vain reasons."

Out of 1,200 Christians surveyed, 46% felt adamantly that cosmetic surgery goes against Biblical principles, particularly for vain motives. One poll taker echoed the majority of negative responses by stating, "For such deformities as cleft palates, Harelips, and similar birth defects, correction by surgery is permissible. However, people should not have surgery just to enhance their appearance out of vanity. People should accept as God's gift any special feature He has decided to create in His creatures." Surprisingly, a few respondents looked unfavorably on televangelists who go under the knife. Many of the popular evangelists are having cosmetic surgery done at the expense of the gullible people that send them money. That is a sign of arrogance and pride, both of which God Almighty hates.

A close forty percent of poll takers were unsure about whether cosmetic surgery has any ethical or sound scriptural basis. "I have studied the Bible for 35 years and I haven't found anything on it. I also wonder about tattoos and body piercing and why so many young people are doing those things to their bodies!" Other divided pollsters said, "To correct a Harelip or replace scarred and burned tissue does not fall under 'vanity' spoken of in the Bible. However, body piercing, tattoos, and nose and boob jobs fall into another category which does not honor the body or temple God gave us."

Only fourteen percent of those polled felt that cosmetic surgery was a viable option for believers. One respondent said, "It's a question of degree and motivation. Why would cosmetic surgery following traumatic disfigurement be anti-Christian? Repairing a cleft palate? This kind of surgery eases suffering." Another poll taker viewed cosmetic surgery as a method of healing. "Jesus healed, therefore, using cosmetic surgery in order to heal for physical, mental or emotional reasons can certainly be considered Biblical and scriptural."

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