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Natural Disasters Could Be God's Judgement, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Are the rising natural disasters God's judgment on mankind?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "Believers are divided over whether God is using recent natural calamities to bring judgment; however, only time will tell."

Out of 1,100 Christians surveyed, 52% felt strongly that increasing disasters, especially in the United States, are a result of God's judgment on national immorality. Some respondents reasoned, "The Bible tells us that in the last days, these things will come to pass. America is in a backslidden condition which brings God's judgment. All the wickedness in the world, from homosexuality and abortions, to child molestations and the occult, and so on, are resulting in judgment. Jesus is surely coming for His Church soon." Another respondent added, "Katrina in New Orleans is a prime example. New Orleans was a sin city. America is becoming a sin country as a result of declining Christianity. We will see more disasters in our lifetime here in the USA."

Thirty percent of believers polled emphatically felt that increased natural disasters should not be attributed to the wrath of God, but man's misuse of the ecosystem. One believer remarked, "God will not punish the just with the unjust. The natural disasters are natural results of man's unwise acts. Man does things scientifically that confuse nature, and then disaster strikes." Another responded, "God is love, never hate. God created nature and allowed nature to evolve; so I can't see a loving God using the beauty He created to punish mankind! It just would not make sense. Only humankind abuses nature."

Eighteen percent of Christians who took the survey remained unsure about whether increasing natural disasters are an act of God. However, many agreed that global calamities signal the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. "Maybe yes or no; but as for this time, the world is becoming worse and worse. This is a sign that the coming of our Lord is very near." Another poller concluded, "Probably some are; but we cannot judge. In any event, I think Christ's return could be any time. Praise the Lord!"

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