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Christians Healed From Alcohol Addiction, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Can a Christian be healed from an alcohol addiction?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "Nearly all of those polled firmly believe that Christians can be delivered from alcoholism through faith in God."

Out of 1,100 Christians surveyed, an overwhelming 93% agreed that with God and faith in the name of Jesus, all things are possible. "Because addiction is a spirit, the Spirit of God can expel it, if the recipient is willing to receive deliverance. Alcohol has to bow to the name of Jesus, and the blood of Jesus can wash away any sin. Praise His name!" Many respondents shared personal testimonies of deliverance. One poller testified, "I was an alcoholic from the age of 14 years, but now I serve the Lord. I accepted the Lord in 1986 at the age of 26 and I know the Lord is able to break the bondage of alcoholism."

Four percent of survey takers were unsure that Christians can be delivered from drinking. One respondent remarked, "On one hand, God can heal anything. But on the other hand, Christians usually work through a substance abuse program to overcome addictions rather than cure them. If someone was totally cured of an addiction, they wouldn't have to attend such groups for the rest of their life to stay clean." Another poller stated, "My first husband gave his life to the Lord, but died drunk. He was Spirit-filled and I believe he tried to quit drinking."

Only three percent of Christians polled doubted that believers can be cured from alcoholism. One poller felt that true Christians are exempt from addiction, "A Christian can't be healed from alcohol addiction because a Christian cannot be addicted to alcohol. Christians have eternal life, which is far superior to any addiction here on earth." Others in this group felt that alcoholism is an incurable disease. "An alcohol addiction is a mental disease which takes a toll on the individual. Although an alcoholic can achieve sobriety with the help of medication and support groups, they can always fall off the wagon. An alcoholic is always an alcoholic."

To help educate Christians on the topic of alcoholism, ChristiaNet has just released a free Addiction Quiz. Using the latest interactive technology, one can test their Biblical knowledge on issues facing the Christian community.

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