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Is America Headed Toward A Depression?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is America headed toward a depression?" Bill Cooper, president of ChristiaNet said, "A majority of Christians polled expressed a belief that America was indeed headed toward a depression."

Roughly 1,200 Christians responded to the survey, with 60% stating that America was headed toward a depression. The struggles of ordinary consumers were evident in many responses. "The general population has trouble paying for food, clothing, gas for their car, etc. Those on a fixed income are hurting even more," explained one responder. Frustrations over recent attempts by government leaders to craft a solution were also expressed. "This country is in awful debt and now we, the taxpayers, have to bail out Wall Street! It will take many, many years for this country to pay all of this money back." Many Christians attributed the current situation to greed and a departure from Godly principles. One poller felt that the problem was rooted in "the greediness of most Americans today...But if this country would get back to being a Christian nation and humble themselves and pray and seek the Lord's face, then God said He would heal our land."

Twenty-six percent of Christians who responded said that they were not sure if America was headed toward a depression. Many of these people felt that America's future hinged on the upcoming election. "If Americans vote Obama in as president, they will sure be headed toward depression." Still other Christians expressed a hope that the prayers of believers could turn the situation around. "I believe if Christians pray the Lord will take control of the situation."

Fourteen percent of Christians surveyed said that they did not believe that America was headed toward a depression. Faith and hope seemed to be recurring themes for these responders. "God is in charge of all," stated one responder. "Governments or leaders on this earth are not. America has been blessed because we were known as a Christian country. God will bring us back to that." Another Christian expressed their faith very succinctly, "We trust in our Lord, and He knows what we all need!"

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