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Is America Moving Toward Socialism?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is America moving toward socialism?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper said, "America is moving toward socialism according to the majority of Christians surveyed."

With over 1,600 Christians responding to the survey, 53% felt that America was moving toward socialism. The recent financial bail out and the results of the presidential election were cited as evidence of socialistic trends. "Obama wants to create a classless society, spread the wealth around," said one responder. "I believe that he will create the biggest welfare system that this country has ever seen." Another responder felt that many Americans do not understand the ramifications of socialism: "We also have an uneducated population that does not understand basic economics and that the government takes away your rights as it give you things." In spite of concerns over the future of the country, many Christians urged believers to pray: "We have elected a socialist as our president, but we should pray for him, for the Bible tells us so."

Twenty-five percent of Christians surveyed felt America was not moving toward socialism. Many responders felt that the views of President-Elect Obama have been misunderstood. "I believe that the remark President-Elect Barack Obama made regarding 'sharing the wealth' was taken out of context. I don't think we are any closer to socialism than we have ever been," said one responder. Another Christian cited the problem of greed: "I don't think so, there are too many greedy people for us to ever become a socialistic country."

Twenty-two percent of responders said that they were unsure about whether or not America was moving toward socialism. "It would appear so on the surface," said one Christian. "However, only time will tell for sure. Let us all pray to God to bless our president-elect with wisdom and the ability to guide this country in the ways our founding fathers intended." Other responders felt that socialistic trends were nothing new. "It may be, or it may not be. Elements of socialism have been in our society and government for a long time."

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