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Can God Pay Off My Credit Cards?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Can God pay off my credit cards?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, said, "The majority of Christians surveyed felt that God was certainly able to pay off their credit cards."

With nearly 900 Christians responding to the survey, 65% felt that God could pay off credit card debt. Many responders combined faith in God's power with admonitions toward responsible stewardship. "Can He? Yes, He can!" said one responder. "Will He? Probably not! I don't think it is God's will for us to get into credit card debt". Another Christian said, "God can do whatever He chooses. Not that I think that would be His choice, but I don't ever want to limit God". Most responses came with a caution. ...God can do anything. However, we need to be good stewards of what He has given us..

Twenty-seven percent of Christians surveyed felt that God could not pay off credit cards. "God did not make the charges and He should not be asked (to pay off credit card debt)", said one Christian. "God can sometimes send people to help bail us out of a difficult situation, but we most certainly can't use Him as a 'sugar Daddy'. He gave us a brain and we should use it to manage our finances responsibly and not depend on handouts", said another responder. Many Christians offered advice to believers struggling with debt; He can put the wisdom in your heart to do what you need to do to get out of debt.

Eight percent of Christians said that they were unsure about whether or not God could pay off credit cards. Even though many responders had mixed feelings, most expressed a strong faith in God. "I am not sure, but I believe that I can go to Him in prayer and ask Him to show me how to eliminate my credit card or any other debt", explained one Christian. Yes and no... said another responder. "The Bible says that God blesses the works of thy hands so you need to work as you wait upon His grace".

To help educate Christians, ChristiaNet has just released a free Financial Quiz. Using the latest interactive technology, one can test their Biblical knowledge on issues facing the Christian community.

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