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Can God Pay My Debts Off?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Can God pay my debts off?" Bill Cooper, president of ChristiaNet said, "God is capable of paying off personal debts according to an overwhelming majority of Christians surveyed.

With over 800 Christians responding to the survey, 79% felt that God could pay their debts off. Jesus says: "For God, all things are possible." So there you have it. He wouldn't say that if He didn't mean it and was willing to back it up... said one responder. Some Christians saw a spiritual meaning to the question: "He did already, on the cross if only we believe in Him, put our total trust and faith in Him, and repent for all or sins." Other responders took a practical approach. "Can God? Yes. Will He? Your debts are not God's responsibility, they are yours. Did God get you into debt? You are responsible for your own actions," said one responder. "Can He? Yes, but not directly. He will provide the means and resources through various methods in order for us to pay off our debts," explained another Christian.

Fourteen percent of Christians surveyed felt that God could not pay off debts. "Is God a Banker? Is He in Dow Jones?" asked one Christian. Another responder offered an admonition. "God does not help those who do not help themselves. Taking credit that you know you cannot afford and thinking God will bail you out is wishful thinking." Still another responder offered Biblical advice: "God makes us responsible for our own actions. However, He, in His mercy, when we call on Him and repent of our sin and unwise choices, gives us wisdom and provides the way to make a living to provide our needs."

Seven percent of Christians said that they were unsure about whether or not God could pay off debts. "Debt exists because of choices to spend more than you have. Self control is key to not being in debt," explained one Christian. "I believe the Lord can...guild us to be more Godly men and women and make better choice, but ultimately He doesn't write the check," said another.

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