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Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is it a sin to be on welfare?" Bill Cooper, president of ChristiaNet, said "A majority of Christians do not believe that it is a sin to accept Welfare."

With nearly 1,400 Christians responding to the survey, 69% said that they did not belief that it is a sin to go on Welfare. "I believe that people sometimes find themselves in situations that do not give them other options," stated one responder. Another Christian described her own personal situation: "I am a single woman raising two special needs adopted children. The issues of these children cause me to be underemployed or unemployed all of the time. I am providing a service that most others are unable or unwilling to provide. If I need food stamps to keep food on the table, how can you tell me that God isn't still providing?" Another responder expressed compassion for those in need of assistance: "Circumstances sometimes work against us that we have no control over. Though we need to do all we can to correct the circumstances...with God's help that will happen."

Eighteen percent of Christians surveyed were unsure about whether or not accepting Welfare is a sin. "I do not want to judge," said one Christian, adding, "I think that if there is no reason why a person can't be looking for a job...But I do think that welfare can be good for people with terminal diseases and disabilities. I think it might be a sin if you are able to work and then don't." Another responder stated, "I'm on Social Security disability and I don't consider that welfare."

Thirteen percent of Christians said that they believe that going on Welfare is a sin. "A temporary help is justified but to stay on welfare shows you are not using what God gave you to help yourself," stated one poller. Another Christian felt that utilizing Welfare is a sin "when people cheat, are just plain lazy and play the system." Another Christian simply stated, "He does provide for the sparrows, but they do have to build their nest!"

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