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Did Jesus Drink Alcoholic Wine?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Did Jesus drink alcoholic wine?" President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, responds, "What we know for sure is God the Father accepted Jesus as the perfect sinless sacrifice for our sins."

Out of 1,900 Christians surveyed, a 53% agreed that Jesus did drink alcoholic wine. Many cited Matthew 11:18-19 where Jesus compared His actions to those of John the Baptist, "For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil. The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber." While some paraphrased from the Old and New Testaments, "It's not what goes into your body which defiles you, but the words you speak. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" and, "Many times Jesus told His disciples not to be drunk on wine but filled with the Holy Spirit." Others in agreement stated, "All wine has some alcohol in it or else it would be grape juice."

Thirty-three percent of poll takers disagreed with Jesus drinking fermented wine. Their reasoning comments were, "Jesus could not sin and drinking is sin" and, "Wine can mean grape juice or fermented grape juice. Jesus drank unfermented grape juice." One poll taker in disagreement even quoted Proverbs 20:1, "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise." Other believers felt that, because Jesus was a Nazarene, He was prohibited from drinking alcoholic wine.

Only fourteen percent of those who took the survey were unsure about the alcohol content of the wine. Most that were unsure could not decide because the Bible does not literally state one way or the other, "There's no way to know for sure because the Bible doesn't specifically say" and, "The Bible just says wine. I don't remember it ever stating fermented wine." Most however agreed that, "a little wine was good for your stomach, but not to the point of drunkenness."

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