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Is President Obama Helping The Economy?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is President Obama helping the economy?" "A majority of Christians seem to doubt the President's economic policies," said Bill Cooper, president of ChristiaNet.

With nearly 1,500 Christians participating, 69% said that they do not believe that President Obama is helping the economy. Most in this group felt the President is actually destroying the economy by spending too much money, raising taxes and increasing the size of government. "He is killing the economy. You cannot spend your way out of debt!" said one respondent. "Raising taxes and shutting down small businesses will destroy America," stated another poller. "His policies are moving America toward Socialism," said one believer, adding "pushing through national health care will cause two massive tax jumps." While others expressed their concern for future generations, "He has created a debt that our great great grandchildren will be burdened with."

Twenty-four percent of Christians surveyed believe that President Obama has helped the economy. The majority of respondents believe that the President has done a great job given his short time in office. One responder felt confident that the President's programs will work, "He is aggressive and willing to work to get this economy back in order. If we are patient all will be well. His plans will work." "I believe he has created a sense of moving toward stability," another Christian stated. "He has taken steps to turn the economy around, and already it's working," said one responder, adding "He has been successful in taking a lemon and making lemonade."

Seven percent of Christians said that they were unsure about whether or not the President has helped the economy. Most in this group felt there has not been enough time to determine the long term affects of the President's policies. "For the short term I think he has helped, but only time will tell about the future," said one responder. "We will have to wait and see. I can't tell so far," said another Christian.

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