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Are Internet Churches Biblical?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Are Internet churches Biblical?" ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper, stated "Since Internet churches are new, Christians are split over this different way of worshipping."

Out of nearly 600 Christians, 37% responded in the affirmative that Internet churches are Biblical. The majority of supporters in this group felt they were to complete the Great Commission by any means. As one person commented, "We are to preach the Gospel to all nations. As long as God's truth is reaching people it's Biblical." Others felt that it does not matter where and how Christians assemble together, "The Bible says we are not to forsake assembling together and if two or more are together then Jesus is there."

Thirty-two percent were "unsure" about this new way to worship. Most respondents had never heard of Internet churches. Those that had felt, as long as sound doctrine was being preached, Internet churches were Biblical. Many expressed that these new "churches" were not to be a substitute for the physical church unless the worshiper is unable to attend a physical church. "I do understand there may be an instance when a person is unable to get out of the house and maybe the Internet is their only way of being in touch," was a survey takers comment. Other believed that true fellowship requires physical contact. As one believer stated, "We need to be in fellowship with other believers. These relationships are established at our local churches."

The remaining thirty-one percent answered a firm "No." They believed the assembling of Christians was to be taken literally and if personal physical contact is removed how can believers develop the proper relationships needed to fulfill the Great Commission. "John 1:14 says 'the Word became flesh', and Hebrews says not to forsake assembling together. Physical contact is important," was one poller's response. Others wondered how believers could take communion, be baptized or pray and support one another if strictly through the Internet. "You cannot build a proper relationship with someone you don't know and there is also no accountability," another commented.

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