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Is Obama A Great President?, a large Christian portal with eight million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Is Obama a great president?" "Two-thirds of Christians believe that President Obama is not a great president," said Bill Cooper, president of ChristiaNet.

With nearly 5,000 Christians responding to the survey, 66% said that they do not believe that President Obama is a great president. "All he wants to do is apologize for the American people and spend, spend, spend," said one responder. The President's foreign and economic policies of apologizing to foreign nations, raising taxes and spending money topped the list of reasons why he is not considered a great president. Many Christians believed that he has not kept his campaign promises. "His inability to keep his promises, his numerous untrue statements concerning his policies, and his rigid socialist beliefs make him perhaps one of our worst presidents," stated a concerned responder. While others felt that instead of listening to the needs of the majority, the president seemed to be working toward his own agendas. Another responder stated "He is a profound orator but appears to be self-centered and does not represent the majority's view."

Thirty-one percent of Christians surveyed believe that President Obama is a great president. The majority in this group felt what makes Obama great is his ability to address problems inherited from previous administrations and take on new issues those past presidents would not attempt to fix. "Anyone who handles the big mess left by previous administrations is nothing short of great!" one Christian stated. "He is not afraid to tackle all the serious problems that other Presidents and Congress have ignored for years," said another responder. Lastly, many participants felt President Obama has kept his promises and looks out for less fortunate Americans. "A brilliant President, putting everything he promised into action, and tries to help the poor and middle class people."

Three percent of Christians said that they were unsure about the greatness of the president. "He is no worse than the others; however, I believe he is sincere about wanting to solve the country's problems," said one responder. "He's made mistakes, but who hasn't! Just needs more time," another Christian stated.

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